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5 Ways Lacking Sleep Can Worsen Your Skin Health

Updated: May 1

Science shows you can actually sleep your skin younger!

Skincare, you know all about that. Cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serum, sunblock, right? Right… Except there’s a little more to our skin than appears on the surface.

What if there was an easy way to care for our skin from the inside out? Well, unsurprisingly, there is; sleep. Backed by heaps of scientific research, here are a few reasons why losing out on sleep can reverse your skincare efforts.

How can bad sleep affect your skin?

1. Accelerated development of fine lines & wrinkles. That’s right, poor sleepers are far more likely to end up with deeper wrinkles and more noticeable lines. Your skin recovers from the damage of day-to-day life while you sleep, with lacking sleep this damage builds up and quite literally accelerates the aging process.

Sure, a good Retinol serum can help your skin to recover by increasing cell turnover to reduce these signs of aging, but imagine the results of a great retinol and a good night’s sleep!

2. Dark circles under the eyes can be directly caused by a lack of sleep. How? Even staying up a couple of hours after your regular bedtime can dull your skin and worsen circulation. Darker blood vessels are much more likely to show through dull and pale skin, and so you’re left with dark circles.

But I can treat dark circles with Carboxytherapy, right? You can, but remember that bad sleep accelerates the aging process? As part of aging, the skin becomes thinner and loses volume. This can also cause dark circles and may need more than just Carboxytherapy to fix!

3. Bad sleep changes how you perceive yourself. We’ve all woken up from a bad night of sleep and been shocked when we look in the mirror. But did you know that some of this is mental? It’s been scientifically proven that individuals actually perceive themselves as less attractive after a bad night of sleep.

4. Uneven pigmentation can be caused by bad sleep. We mentioned that lacking sleep gives your skin less time to recover from daily damage; one of the build-ups of this damage can be uneven pigmentation.

Yes, treatments like HydraFacial and Herbal/Chemical Peels can help to give you the complexion of an angel, but why make your skin work so hard? We think a balance between good treatments and good sleep is the best combination for perfect skin!

5. Decreased recovery from UV damage. These days we’re aware that sun exposure can be dangerous, as the sun’s UV rays can seriously damage our skin. Well, now we know that this damage is far more likely to be severe if we aren’t sleeping enough.

Sun protection should always be worn and can be a great supplement to defending our skin from the sun, especially when using a physical sunblock. But with a weakened natural defence from the sun, there’s a potential for increased risk for pigmentation and even skin cancer.

There you have it, 5 ways the condition of your skin will be worsened by losing out on sleep.

We’re not saying that aesthetic treatments are futile, quite the opposite. Aesthetic treatments can enhance and perfect your natural beauty. But when combined with positive lifestyle changes you’ll not only look even better, but you’ll feel better about yourself too!

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