Skin Exfoliating | A studio image of a Dr Hala Glow Face Skin Exfoliator.

Dr Hala Glow Hybrid Exfoliator


A luxury anti-ageing wash to exfoliate improve the complexion. Containing glycolic acid, vitamin E and hydrated quartz to stimulate, condition and polish skin to perfection. A twice a week routine that will leave skin looking and feeling younger, smoother, fresher and with a radiant glow. The combination of organic and mechanical exfoliation works to gently yet effectively:


  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Unblock pores
  • Remove comedones, congestion & blackheads


Leaves skin feeling fresh, clean, rejuvenated and instantly glowing!

Suitable for:


  • Dull, uneven skin tone
  • Acne and acne-prone/congested skin
  • Large open pres
  • Pigmentation
  • Fine lines & wrinkles


Use twice weekly after cleansing skin.

  • Description

    Every skin needs a thorough exfoliation from time to time and a good exfoliator can be the difference between a stunningly radiant glow and dull, unimpressive skin. The Dr Hala Glow Hybrid exfoliator utilises the most effective ingredients to increase skin cell turnover whilst providing the best in mechanical and organic exfoliation to unclog pores whilst removing blackheads, comedones and congestion. The result is something to see and feel for yourself instantly after the first use.

    Apply after cleansing – massage a small amount onto dry skin in light, circular movements for 2-3 minutes, re-activating with water when necessary. Ensure the whole face has been covered after which rinse well with warm water and pat dry.

    Use twice-weekly to keep skin clean, fresh and radiant.