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ClearSkin Acne Laser

Target active acne with the ClearSkin combined non-ablative laser. An amazingly refreshing anti-acne treatment thanks to built-in vacuum technology and contact cooling.

Active Acne and Acne-Prone Skin

20-40 Minute Treatment Time
Zero Downtime

Pricing from £120

ClearSkin is a non-ablative laser used specially in the control of acne vulgaris. First, the laser destroys the P. Acnes bacteria, because it is largely responsible for acne breakouts. It also targets the sebaceous glands to cause a reduction in sebum production. Secondly the vacuum technology clears pores of sebum. This is targeted to areas most affected by acne, because they may need more attention. As a result these effects combined cause a marked reduction in active acne.Contact cooling ensures your skin stays feeling refreshed and minimises on pain, if there is any at all.Book your ClearSkin acne treatment in Fulham, London today with Dr Hala.

ClearSkin FAQ's

What can it treat?

Acne breakouts from mild to severe Cystic Acne Prophylaxis (Preventative treatment) for acne prone skin

How is it performed?

Your skin will be cleansed and your therapist will cover your eyes with blackout goggles. The laser is then fired across the skin for several passes. Afterwards the ClearSkin vacuum laser will be used to target sebaceous debris from severely acne-affected areas. The laser treatment feels cool and refreshing leaving your skin feeling instantly refreshed.

Is there any downtime?

There is absolutely no downtime with ClearSkin laser treatment. You may experience some mild redness. This will subside within a maximum of just a few hours after treatment.

When can I see results?

The laser instantly destroys acne-producing bacteria meaning you can expect larger pimples to dramatically reduce in appearance days or even hours post-treatment. Amazing results can be seen after just 1 or 2 ClearSkin laser treatments and combination with other treatments such as extractions or rejuvenating facials can further enhance the results. For preventative treatment, ClearSkin can ensure you are always at your most resilient to acne breakouts.

Who is ClearSkin suitable for?

ClearSkin is an amazing treatment for all skin types, colours and ages from 15+ that struggle with extremely mild to extremely severe acne and breakouts.

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