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Desirial Intimate-Area Wellbeing London

The world’s first range of non-animal, biogradable, injectable hydrogels, exclusively developed to preserve women’s intimate health

Vaginal dryness & discomfort Chronic irritation Volume Loss of Labia Majora Aesthetic concerns

20 Minute Treatment Time
24 to 48 Hours Downtime

Pricing from £500

DESIRIAL® restores hydration, elasticity, tone and sensitivity of the vulvo-vaginal area. Hyaluronic acid is directly injected into the concerned tissues to improve their quality and to limit vaginal dryness.

DESIRIAL® PLUS is a more elastic gel, designed for atrophic labia majora remodelling. A protection of the labia minora can be observed as one of the consequences of this aesthetic correction.

Benefits include:

  • Hydration of the vulvo-vaginal area

  • Soothing of the irritated areas

  • Improvement in quality of the genital mucosal tissues

  • Strengthening of the protective function of the labia majora induced by the increase in volume

  • Improvement of the aesthetic appearance of the vulvo-vaginal area


Book your consultation with Dr Hala today to see how Desirial can help transform your intimate health.

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