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Desirial Intimate-Area Wellbeing

The world’s first range of non-animal, biogradable, injectable hydrogels, exclusively developed to preserve women’s intimate health

Vaginal dryness & discomfort Chronic irritation Volume Loss of Labia Majora Aesthetic concerns

20 Minute Treatment Time
24 to 48 Hours Downtime

Pricing from £500

DESIRIAL® restores hydration, elasticity, tone and sensitivity of the vulvo-vaginal area. Hyaluronic acid is directly injected into the concerned tissues to improve their quality and to limit vaginal dryness.

DESIRIAL® PLUS is a more elastic gel, designed for atrophic labia majora remodelling. A protection of the labia minora can be observed as one of the consequences of this aesthetic correction.

Benefits include:

  • Hydration of the vulvo-vaginal area

  • Soothing of the irritated areas

  • Improvement in quality of the genital mucosal tissues

  • Strengthening of the protective function of the labia majora induced by the increase in volume

  • Improvement of the aesthetic appearance of the vulvo-vaginal area


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Desirial FAQ's

What can it treat?

Vaginal dryness & discomfort Chronic irritation Volume Loss of Labia Majora Aesthetic concerns

How is it performed?

Injections deliver hyaluronic acid directly into the tissues of the vulvo-vaginal area to contribute to its efficient hydration. This type of injection provides indirect mechanical pressure on the cells that form the vulvo-vaginal mucosa, thus increasing their activity. This leads to the synthesis of elastin and collagen fibres and improves the quality of the vulvo-vaginal mucosa. Local anaesthetic may be used to improve treatment comfort.

Is there any downtime?

It is recommended to refrain from sexual intercourse at least 5 days post-treatment. As with any injection, some bruising or swelling may occur – this is perfectly normal and should subside within around two days.

When can I see results?

Improvements in sensation, hydration and aesthetics should be evident 24-48 hours post-treatment. Further treatments may be used to provide an even greater improvement in results.

Who is Desirial suitable for?

Desirial is suitable for women's intimate area health. Book your consultation today to see if it is suitable for you.

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