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Ozone Therapy

One of the most exciting new technologies with an almost endless list of applications and benefits.

Manage pain in all areas of the body including back, joints, and more with an almost instant relief. Also a powerful antimicrobial that tackles inflamed acne, infections and more.  

Pain Management, Antibacterial, Anti-Ageing, Improved Blood Circulation, Increased Energy Levels

From 20 Minutes Treatment Time
Virtually No Downtime

Pricing from £90

Ozone therapy is an incredibly versatile treatment with a huge range of benefits to the skin and body. It’s role in pain management has been long studied along with benefits to inflammatory join problems. 

Direct injection into a site will initially trigger the inflammatory response and blood circulation helping to bring healing components in the blood to that area whilst increasing tissue oxygenation. 

Clients who undergo ozone therapy for pain can’t quite describe the sensation – only that it feels much better immediately after. Repeated sessions help to reinforce this improvement eventually providing long-term relief.


Ozone therapy is particularly effective against back pain of all types including post-injury damage to the spine and surrounding muscles.

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