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Lip Fillers London

Lip fillers instantly remodel your look. Add volume, definition, and plumpness to your lips in a matter of minutes with a simple lip enhancement procedure.

Lip Enhancement, Lip Scarring

45 Minute Treatment Time
3-5 Day Downtime: Swelling

Pricing from £300

Lip fillers are a popular non-surgical treatment option and can provide volume as well as plumpness and shaping to your lips. Our bodies produce less collagen as we age and therefore lips naturally begin to thin and dull. Due to this we lose definition and volume in the lips, making your face look aged and tired. Sometimes a subtle lip enhancement can be all that is needed to completely transform your face. Instantly boost your confidence with lip fillers to show off your complexion whenever you can. 

Check out "Lip Fillers – the Rise, Benefits, and Precautions" where we we dive into the societal rise of lip augmentation, the benefits, and what to look out for before going under the needle.


Book your complimentary lip filler consultation with Dr Hala in Fulham, London and transform your appearance today!

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Lip Filler prices start from £300

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