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PRP Therapy

PRP utilises your bodies' natural healing and growth components to rejuvenate skin, diminish the appearance of scarring, promote hair growth and more. PRP can be injected or microneedled into the treatment area.

Anti-Ageing, Scar Treatment, Injury Rehabilitation, Hair Regrowth/Strengthening

20 Minute Treatment Time
Minimal Downtime

Pricing from £250

PRP uses the platelets in your blood to trigger tissue regeneration and healing in the treated area. This is achieved thanks to the growth factors available in your bodies natural PRP. 

A small sample of blood is taken and the centrifuged into individual components, the yellowish liquid is known as PRP. This solution can be injected into the skin to treat a wide range of conditions.

The effects of PRP can be further enhanced by combining it with HA, peptides and serums to bring about greater benefits such as hair regrowth and strengthening. 

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What can it treat?

Scars Signs of Ageing Injury Hair Loss Pain

How is it performed?

After your consultation for PRP, the next step will be taking blood. A small amount of blood is taken and then centrifuged into invdividual components. The PRP layer is extracted and then reinjected into the treatment area. Total treatment time is around 20 minutes.

Is there any downtime?

There may be very minor bruising or swelling at the site of injection or at the site of blood withdrawal.

When can I see results?

PRP stimulates growth and regeneration via the bodies' natural healing mechanism. As a result you will start to notice the difference around 1 month after treatment.

Who is PRP suitable for?

Everyone can benefit from PRP as it uses your bodies' own natural resources.

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