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Mesosculpt C71

Utilising Lipo Block XP2, Mesosculpt C71 revolutionises contouring of facial features by modifying facial fat deposits.


Redefine facial contours, shaping and toning.
Double chin, sagging nasolabial folds, puffy under-eyes

From 20 minutes. Mild downtime.

Pricing from £250

A lipomodifying injection to define and contour facial features. Enhance your jawline, reduce puffy under-eyes, eliminate nasolabial folds and get rid of that pesky double chin. Lipo Block XP2 inhibits gene expression responsible for production of new fat cells. This prevents fat accumulation from both fat and carbohydrate-rich diets whilst also inducing lipolysis (break down of fat cells). This works alongside Hexapeptide-17, a peptide that activates lymphatic drainage to stimulate microcirculation to remove broken down fat cells and reduce inflammation. 


This advanced treatment has extremely low downtime with a significantly lower risk of bruising unlike traditional fat-reducing injectables.

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Mesosculpt C71 FAQ's

What can it treat?

Unwanted fatty deposits Face, neck and body Puffy under eyes

How is it performed?

Mesosculpt C71 can be performed with and without topical anaesthetic. The treatment itself lasts 15-20 minutes and is performed by our doctor. The Mesosculpt will be injected into the site of unwanted fat or puffiness. Repeated treatments may be necessary to ensure results.

Is there any downtime?

Mesosculpt C71 has very little risk of bruising when compared to other lipolysis treatments due to the unique formulation. Although unlikely - any bruising that does occur will usually last no longer than 2-3 days.

When can I see results?

For best results we recommend a course of at least 4 sessions 2 weeks apart. It will usually take a few sessions at least before you begin to see the effects of Mesosculpt C71, but these results will be long-lasting. Mesosculpt C71's further benefit include prevention of further fat deposits in the area treated extending your results far beyond that of standard fat dissolving.

Who is Mesosculpt C71 suitable for?

It is safe for use in all skin types with excess unwanted fat.

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