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Vascular Lesion Removal London

Utilise next-generation fluorescence technology to target and treat pigmented and vascular lesions, all whilst rejuvenating your skin.

Hyperpigmentation, Broken Capillaries, Fine Lines & Wrinkles

30 Minute Treatment Time
Zero Downtime

Pricing from £120

Dye VL is a revolutionary treatment option for vascular and pigmented lesions, which uses Advanced Fluorescence Technology (AFT) to treat these lesions.


 The laser treats pigmentation by emitting short bursts of light which raise the temperature within the cells; breaking down the pigment. The skin may begin to flake slightly as the skin regenerates and old skin cells are replaced. This regenerative process simultaneously contributes to the reduction in fine lines & wrinkles also.


Broken capillaries are cauterised as haemoglobin absorb the laser energy – resulting in significant reduction in the appearance of the broken capillaries as red flushes on the skin.

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Vascular Lesion Removal prices start from £120

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