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Lip Care | A studio image of a Dr Hala Lip plumber with black labelling.

Dr Hala Lip Plumper


Capsicum Frutescens Fruit Extract induces vasodilation to increase blood-flow to the lips. This results in an increase in volume for a more vivacious pout! Hyaluronic acid amongst other actives help to soothe, hydrate, heal and protect the lips resulting in smoother, healthier skin.


Our lip plumper can also work to enhance the effect lip fillers giving you more control over your lip’s volume and shape.


Plumping typically last for 2 hours but can potentially be up to 12 hours.


Take a photo of your lips before and after and tag our instagram @dr_hala_aesthetics with photos of your lip boost and get a second lip-plumper pen for free with your next order!

  • Description

    An organic natural lip plumper for those who would like a subtle enhancement designed to work with or without lip fillers. Ideal for a night-out, special events or even day to day use. Our lip plumper provides a subtle boost that smooths-out the skin on the lips whilst providing a subtle yet noticeable volume increase resulting in smoother-looking and fuller lips with a more defined cupid’s bow.

    The product is parabens free and made entirely from natural and organic ingredients to enhance the cupids bow and add extra volume to the lips while increasing cell turnover. Hyalulronic acid helps to hydrate whilst the product also protects from sun damage and reduces the appearance of fine lines. This product can also be used before lipstick for fuller, younger-looking lips.

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