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Dr Schrammek’s Green Peel: How it Could Help Your Skin

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

“Natural Ingredients” doesn’t always mean better, but does it in this case?

Green Peel | A woman having a green peel treatment.

The green peel is a mixture of carefully selected herbs that contain a mixture of enzymes, minerals, and vitamins. When massaged into the skin, face or body, you’ll notice a significant skin rejuvenation and energising effect after roughly a week of “shedding”.

Having been around for over 60 years it’s withstood the test of time, and it still remains popular for its simplicity and effectiveness. But how does it work, what can it treat, and is it right for you? Let’s find out!

How Does the Green Peel Work?

The green peel is renowned for its simplicity and efficacy, and works by:

  • Increasing blood circulation to the skin to improve tissue function. It’s no secret that an improved blood supply means healthier tissue, and it’s no different when it comes to your skin. Skin cell function is improved through the improved supply of oxygen and nutrients, and unwanted metabolites are carried away efficiently. Your skin is truly energised to naturally improve from the inside out.

  • Removing dead skin cells from your skin. Dead skin cells play a significant role in reducing the quality of your skin. They can clog your pores along with sebum to cause breakouts, and slow skin cell turnover can contribute to signs of aging. By removing dead skin cells and increasing cell turnover you can drastically improve the condition of your skin.

Green Peel | An illustration of moisturiser penetrating the skin after it is cleansed.
  • Unclogging your pores to allow better absorption of your skincare products. Clinically effective skincare products can come with a slightly higher price tag, so wouldn’t you like to get the most of them? By opening and clearing your pores your skin will absorb your skincare much more effectively – allowing the active ingredients to penetrate deeply and have their full effect.

You'll notice some "shedding" as part of the recovery process after a Green Peel. This essentially means that dead skin cells and old skin cells near the end of their life cycle will begin to shed from your face. This happens at around day 3 after treatment and you'll start to notice younger and healthier "baby skin" appearing underneath. The degree of shedding depends on the strength of the Green Peel but you should never pick at the skin, instead let it naturally shed away.

Green Peel | A photo of skin shedding after a green peel.

There are 3 different strengths of green peel, for varying degrees of skin conditions. The lightest is the “Green Peel Fresh Up”, massaging 1 gram of herbs into the skin. The middle strength is the “Green Peel Energy Q10” using 2 grams of herbs, and the strongest is the classic within which 3 grams of herbs are massaged into your skin. You'll notice more shedding with stronger Green Peels.

What Can the Green Peel Treat?

With the varying strengths available the Green Peel can treat a range of conditions, from mild to severe. Now that we know how it works, let’s have a look at what you can treat with it.

Green Peel | A photo of a woman with a section zoomed-in on acne
  • Acne & Breakouts can be successfully controlled with the Green Peel. The combined effect of energised and healthier skin, along with the increase in effectivity of your skincare products can stop breakouts in their tracks, and prevent them from occurring in future. Depending on your skin and degree of acne, you can use specific strengths of green peel to achieve this result. For example, skin with mild blemishes may need fresh up for significant improvement.

  • Pigmentation & Sun Damage can be tackled with a course of Green Peel. By improving cell turnover rate you’ll start shedding the pigmented skin throughout your course of treatment. This will give you a gradual improvement in pigmentation that results in a significant transformation by the end of your course! Have a look at this published paper here showing the Green Peel’s efficacy in treating pigmentation.

  • Dull Skin is energised as your skin cells are revitalised. Dullness is replaced with a healthy glow and a much fresher appearance!

  • Wrinkles & Signs of Aging are not only treated with the Green Peel, but also prevented. A significant contributor to aging skin is a loss of collagen and elasticity. By improving the function of your skin cells with increased blood circulation you can maintain a good level of collagen and elastin production. This not only reduces the visibility of wrinkles and lines but also prevents them from appearing in future.

  • Uneven Skin Tone & Texture can be evened out by removing dead skin cells and increasing cell turnover.

Is the Green Peel Right For You?

The quick answer is yes! Dr Schrammek’s Green Peel is suitable for all skin types. Due to its simplicity and versatility, it is easy to control and adjust the treatment to all skin types and conditions. If your skin needs a little revitalisation and rejuvenation or you have a specific condition you’d like to treat, such as hyperpigmentation, stretch marks or acne and scarring, the Green Peel could work for you.

Interested to find out more and get some information tailored to your skin? Fill out our contact form here and we’ll be in touch to book your free consultation with Dr Hala. You’ll get a full skin assessment, a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs, and skincare advice tailored to your skin.

We hope you enjoyed reading, and keep your eyes peeled for the next blog coming later this week! Read also our blog post on how HydraFacial treatment could transform your skin.

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