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What Can You Expect After Exilis Treatment?

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

What can you expect after Exilis? Is there any downtime, or potential side effect you should be aware of? Well, in this article you'll learn exactly what to expect after Exilis. We promise that by the end you'll be more confident in Exilis treatment and you'll know about:

  • Common side effects after Exilis.

  • If there are any adverse events that you may experience with Exilis.

Exilist Treatment | A happy couple walking in the water.

While there's not really any downtime with Exilis body contouring treatment, there are a few things you should keep in mind. You'll want to know the ins and outs about Exilis whether you're looking for skin tightening, weight loss, or fat reduction.

Before we get into the specifics of what to expect, it's worth noting that all skin types can have Exilis. Your skin type shouldn't impact your risk of side effects in most cases, but check with your health care team if you're worried!

Side Effects After Exilis Treatment

Exilis | A photo of red skin from increased blood flow

Redness and Tenderness

You're like to experience redness after treatment. This does not last long however, and usually subsides after a few hours at most. It's also nothing to worry about, as prolonged heat and contact pressure on your skin will draw more blood flow. This is your body's normal response to these kinds of stimuli.

A significantly less common side effect is tenderness in the treatment area. While this might be a little uncomfortable, it's nothing to worry about and shouldn't last longer than a day or two.


You may feel a little tightness in the treated area after Exilis, and that's not necessarily a bad thing! The treatment is working and your skin is responding. Though you'll still need a few more sessions to start noticing significant reductions in loose skin.

This 'extra tight' sensation won't last too long, and your skin will tighten long term with every session of Exilis.

Exilis | A photo of a fit young woman drinking water

Feeling Thirsty

It is normal to feel thirsty after Exilis, so be sure to drink lots of water before and after treatment.

Good hydration is actually key for this body contouring procedure. This is because part of the treatment is getting your skin to a specific temperature. This is much easier when your body is well hydrated. It may not even be possible if dehydrated, as the treatment may become too uncomfortable.

Adverse Events After Exilis Treatment

Adverse events are rare, but you should know about all the possible negative outcomes of treatment:


Burns aren't really a direct adverse event of Exilis treatment, but of mistreatment. This is partly why burns from Exilis are so rare. Although we've never encountered a burn case at Dr Hala Medical Aesthetics, people have reported them before. There's a chance that a burn may develop into a blister and leave behind a scar, especially if not managed properly.

One of the aims of treatment is to get your skin temperature to ~41°C. With proper technique and monitoring of the machine's built-in thermometer, this is actually not very difficult. In cases of mistreatment however, the temperature of the skin may exceed this target and cause a burn.

Exilis | A photo of a businesswoman stopping dominoes from falling

The best way to avoid burns is to:

  • Choose an experienced Exilis provider with a great reputation. You can use Google reviews to judge a clinic's reputation and even experience. Clinics with a good reputation and lots of experience will have plenty of reviews, most of which will be positive.

  • Tell your practitioner if the treatment becomes too uncomfortable, to avoid the domino effect of getting hotter and hotter. If the treatment feels too hot, you can stop it. Your practitioner can check the temperature and adjust the treatment for you.

  • Tell your practitioner if you've recently had any other treatments on the same area. They can then decide if it's ok to go ahead with treatment, or wait til a later date. Strong treatments such as a chemical peel before Exilis treatment raises your risk of burns.

Lack of Results

A lack of results or unhappiness with your results is always a possibility, as with all treatments. Your results may not meet your expectations. Your body might not react as well to treatment as others, or your practitioner may have over-promised the results.

The best way to avoid this is to monitor your results session by session. You should review with your practitioner to see how you're responding to treatment. This allows you to modify your treatment, or switch to another treatment if necessary!

That's all there is to expect from Exilis side effects and adverse events. While we could sing the praises of Exilis treatment, it's best to know everything that could happen. That includes the good and the bad, and while adverse events are rare you should still know about them.

Got another question you'd like answered about your Exilis treatment? Visit the Exilis blog to learn more, or use the button below to schedule your free consultation with Dr Hala.

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