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FemiLift: 4 Rules to Follow After Treatment

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Have you had a FemiLift treatment and can't quite remember the guidance your practitioner gave you to follow at home? Or maybe you're thinking about having the treatment and want to know what precautions you should take afterwards?

Femilift | Cartoon illustration of the female reproductive system

You want to make sure you're getting the most benefit from your FemiLift treatments, and avoiding anything that could be detrimental to your results or even harmful to you, that's a given. With some treatments this can be a pretty complicated set of rules to follow, but with others such as the FemiLift it's really quite simple. In this article you'll learn about the 4 rules you should follow after having your FemiLift treatment, and we promise that by the end you'll know exactly what to do to maximise your results and avoid any irritation!

The 4 Rules to Follow After FemiLift Treatment

As far as rules to follow go, this list is pretty short. However following this guidance is key in getting the best results from your treatment and preventing any negative effects, so make sure you don't forget them! These 4 rules are:

1. Avoid Having Sexual Intercourse for A Week After Treatment

After having FemiLift treatment your vagina is going to be a little more sensitive than usual, and more susceptible to infection. Not only will sexual intercourse be uncomfortable, it may actually be bad for your health. You'll run the risk of developing an infection and you could completely lose the benefit of your treatment.

2. Do Not Insert Any Foreign Objects Into the Vagina (Including Tampons!)

You're advised to have your FemiLift treatments after your period has ended. This is for the same reason as above, as even inserting a tampon into the treated area can put you at risk of an infection and not getting the benefit of treatment.

3. No Baths or Swimming for 3 Days Following Your Treatment

You should avoid swimming or having a bath for 3 days, but you can take showers. You might have already guessed why this is one of the four rules, but 3 times the charm; you're at risk of infection if you go swimming or have a bath within the first 3 days after treatment.

A woman practicing yoga cross-legged
4. No Strenuous Exercise for 3 Days Following Your Treatment

You can partake in mild exercise during the recovery period, but you should definitely avoid strenuous exercise. During strenuous exercise you may cause the vaginal walls to rub together which will remove the recently treated skin. This will reduce the effectiveness of your treatment and be detrimental to your long term results. Low impact and intensity exercise such as yoga is a great option during this time.

Keep these 4 rules in mind if you've had the FemiLift or you're seriously thinking about having it. Following this guidance will ensure you do the most you can to get the best result possible and avoid an adverse reaction. But, we understand that you may still want to talk to a professional. Click the button below and fill out the form to book your free FemiLift consultation with Dr Hala and find out more about not just the aftercare, but your treatment and results too.

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