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How Many Sessions of Exilis Do You Need?

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

How many sessions of Exilis do you need? Will one session be enough, or are you likely to need a course? You're in the right place if you're looking for the answers to these questions. In this article you'll find out roughly how many sessions of Exilis you're likely to need.

You'll be able to plan your body-shaping treatments around your goals, to help you with:

  • Skin tightening

  • Reducing cellulite

  • Losing weight and getting rid of stubborn fat that refuses to budge!

By the end, you'll have a good idea of how many body contouring sessions you'll need for your dream body. You'll also even learn how you can potentially reduce the number of sessions you need!

How Many Sessions of Exilis Do You Need?

Truthfully, the answer is that it depends, as is the case with most treatments. But that doesn't mean you can't have a range to expect.

Exilis | A happy woman posing in workout clothes

The reality is that you'll need a course of treatment to notice significant benefits from Exilis. This is true whether you're aiming for your beach body, tighter skin, or healthier body composition.

Whatever improvement you're looking for, the recommendation is likely to be at least a course of 4-6 sessions. Around 4 sessions in is the point where you'll experience the wow factor with your body contouring results. But, you may need more sessions than that or even a combination of treatments in cases such as:

Lots of Excess Skin

Excess skin needs multiple treatment types to truly manage, especially if you have a lot of it. Mild to moderate excess skin may need plasmapen initially, followed by a combination course of Exilis and Carboxytherapy. You'll likely be looking at a course of 6-10 sessions each to effectively manage sagging skin, over the long term.

If you have quite severe excess skin, such as after significant weight loss, you may question if Exilis is right for you. This is an excellent question and in most cases, Exilis alone is not enough for severe excess skin. For most people in this position, surgery may be the best option, followed by body contouring procedures such as Exilis.

You Plan to Lose Lots of Weight

To prevent loose skin, we recommend continuing regular skin tightening treatments throughout your weight loss journey.

Exilis Treatment | A fit couple exercising together outside

This will likely require a long course of Exilis sessions, and you may also benefit from Carboxytherapy treatment for more fat loss. It's a good idea to go for monthly Exilis sessions throughout your weight loss journey. This means the number of sessions you need depends on the time it takes to lose the weight. A safe bet however is a long course of at least 8-10 sessions.

How You Can Reduce The Number of Sessions You Need

Before we continue, it's worth noting that you can't reduce your sessions needed for treating excess skin. Your treatment solely determines the results of your skin reduction. But this will work for fat reduction, cellulite reduction, and tightening non-excess skin.

Usually, your practitioner makes an initial estimate for the number of sessions you'll need based on 3 things:

  • Your starting point versus your end goal.

  • How frequently you can have treatment, and what you're treating.

  • The standard expected changes and improvement per session of your treatment.

But for Exilis treatment this misses out on a key aspect, your healthy habits. You've learned before that 50% of your result is what you do at home. So, it makes sense that a healthier lifestyle can reduce the number of sessions you need.

Here's what you can do to reduce sessions for:

1. Spot Weight Loss

Being regularly physically active and eating healthily will reduce the number of sessions you need. This will also reduce your risk of developing health problems when maintaining a healthy weight.

This means following a healthy diet and exercise plan. What it doesn't mean is crash dieting and excessive exercise which many people often view as a fast, healthy lifestyle choice. But in reality, this is one of the worst things you can do for your body. Research shows that this will cause your body to hold onto fat cells, and increase your chance of eating unhealthy foods.

Studies show that you're more likely to lose weight long-term when you're following a healthy diet and exercise plan in moderation. This will help you to reduce the number of Exilis sessions you need to treat your target fat deposits. The inverse is also true, an unhealthy lifestyle may increase your body fat and the number of sessions you need as you gain weight.

Exilis Treatment | A pair of beautiful women doing yoga poses together
2. Skin Tightening

Losing skin tightness is often a result of a loss of collagen and elastin because of ageing. But there are ways that you can naturally minimise your collagen and elastin loss, or even increase production:

  • Eating foods high in vitamin C and antioxidants, such as fruits and vegetables.

  • Protecting your skin from the sun's UV rays, as sun exposure can accelerate the ageing process. Learn how to take care of your skin in Summer to prevent sun-induced ageing.

  • Don't smoke, as smoking can both directly and indirectly cause loose skin. It can cause reduced blood flow to your skin to cause an ageing effect, and also directly reduce collagen and elastin.

These tips can help tighten your skin in all areas of the body, and reduce the number of Exilis sessions needed.

Exilis Treatment | A photo example of cellulite on the thigh
3. Cellulite

At-home remedies may not necessarily eliminate cellulite, but they can help you to reduce its appearance. A combination of cardio and strength training, such as lifting weights, is ideal. Building and maintaining a healthy muscle mass is great for naturally smoothing out cellulite as much as possible. You may be worried about getting "too bulky" but the reality is that it's very difficult to get big and bulky; it won't happen by accident!

The less cellulite you have initially, the fewer Exilis treatments you will need. Remember that your start point versus your end goal plays a significant part in the number of treatments you need.

You should now have a good idea of how many Exilis sessions you'll need. But of course, you may still want to speak to a professional. Click the button below and fill out the form to learn more about how many Exilis sessions you're likely to need! Or visit your Exilis blog category if you prefer to learn more about Exilis yourself, with more educational articles like this one.

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