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How Much Does ClearLift Laser Cost?

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

How Much Does ClearLift laser cost? One of the main questions you'll have when researching things you're considering buying. Perhaps you'd like to know if ClearLift laser is worth it, or if the price affects your decision. Whatever the reason; you'll learn about how much ClearLift laser treatment costs in this article. You'll have a good range of prices that you can go on, as all clinics will vary. So, while the numbers might not be exact, they'll still be very helpful!

How Much Does ClearLift Laser Cost?

ClearLift | A portrait of a woman smiling

While prices can vary between locations and individual clinics, you can expect your ClearLift laser session to cost around £200-£250 for the full face or neck in London. Treating both face and neck usually brings your total to £350-£450 per session.

At Dr Hala Medical Aesthetics an individual ClearLift face or neck laser session is £250. Your face and neck laser session is £450. As with many clinics, you'll also have an option to purchase a course, which reduces your individual session cost, but we'll come back to that!

What Can Affect ClearLift Laser Cost?

As the treatment is standard there are only a couple of things that can really affect your ClearLift laser session cost, and they are:

  • Clinic location; clinics outside of London are likely to charge less for ClearLift laser, sometimes as low as £130 for a full face treatment.

  • Clinic reputation and experience; newer clinics that haven't built up a strong reputation and experience base may charge less for their treatments. This isn't always the case, but it is a common trend.

How Can Opting For a Course Affect ClearLift Laser Costs?

Paying for a course upfront can significantly reduce your session cost. This does mean a bigger upfront payment, but it's worth it if it's feasible for you. Your ClearLift laser results are best after a course of at least 3, and you can easily save in the hundreds of pounds by paying for a course upfront.

While the ClearLift laser is fairly standardised in its pricing, there can be some variation between clinics. Now you know a range of how much your ClearLift laser should cost, and how the price can change, to help you decide where you'd like to have your treatment.

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