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How Much Does FemiLift Cost in London

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Are you wondering how much FemiLift costs, or how many sessions you'll need? Maybe you'd like to know what courses are available, and how they can affect the price?

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After learning about what the FemiLift is, and how you can benefit from it, it's only natural to consider the price next. It's part of our human nature to weigh up the benefit against the cost of something, and that's exactly what you'll learn about in regard to FemiLift in this article. By the end, you'll have some really useful guidelines to follow for how much your FemiLift could cost, and how paying for a full course upfront can reduce the overall cost of treatment.

How Much Should FemiLift Cost?

Your FemiLift cost can vary from clinic to clinic but you can expect the price to range from £750-£1200 per session. In many cases, you'll need a full course of treatment, though you'll likely see an improvement from one session, but we'll come back to course prices a little later on.

But what causes this variation in cost? These are a few of the main factors:

  • Practitioner specialty plays a substantial role in the cost of your FemiLift treatment. Your treatment should only be performed by a medical professional with knowledge of gynaecology, but a specialised gynaecologist who performs many FemiLift treatments will likely charge towards the upper end of the range.

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  • Clinic reputation can affect your FemiLift treatment cost. A well-known and well-rated clinic will charge more for its services across the board as they are more established in providing a great experience and great results.

  • Clinic and practitioner experience with FemiLift. Clinics and practitioners that are less experienced with FemiLift will likely charge less for their treatments.

  • Clinic location plays a big role in treatment costs, including FemiLift. Clinics towards central London or in areas with significantly higher rental costs will charge towards the upper end of the range.

At Dr Hala Medical Aesthetics you can expect to pay £1000 for individual sessions of FemiLift. This is towards the higher end of the range mainly because of Dr Hala's 30+ years of gynaecological experience; treating many women with symptoms like yours since being the first female gynaecologist to offer FemiLift in London.

What Can Affect Your Total Cost of Treatment?

The only factor that will really affect the total cost of your treatment is the number of sessions you need. You'll see results from your first session and for some people, this is enough, but in most cases, you'll need more than one treatment and even a full course.

Usually, symptoms such as stress urinary incontinence or severe vaginal dryness will need a course, but you could only need 1 or 2 sessions if you're looking for slight vaginal tightening. Click here to find out in more detail how many sessions you could expect to need.

How Can Paying for a Course Affect the Cost?

Paying for a course of sessions can significantly reduce the cost of your FemiLift treatment, which likely doesn't come as a huge surprise. While you may be paying a larger sum in one go, it will save you money in the long run. At Dr Hala Medical Aesthetics a full course of 4 FemiLift treatments is £3000, which saves you £1000 compared to paying session by session.

While there is a big course saving it is still a considerable amount of money, so it's worth asking if the clinic offers finance options. Many clinics offer finance options for big commitments such as a course of FemiLift to make it easier for you to afford, rather than being forced into paying session by session and losing your course discount.

Keep these factors in mind when you're researching clinics for your FemiLift treatment. While the lowest price may seem tempting at first glance, it's definitely worth diving a little deeper into the clinic to find out why the price is lower. It is your intimate health you are treating after all, and while cost is important it may be worth paying a little more for greater expertise and a better experience. Click the button below to book your free intimate health consultation with Dr Hala and find out how you could treat your symptoms with FemiLift.

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