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How Much Does it Cost to Treat Dark Circles?

Updated: May 10, 2023

What is the cause of your dark circles?

Do you want to know how much it will cost to get rid of your dark circles? First, you need to know the cause of your dark circles. There are various causes of dark circles, with specific treatments at different prices. Read about the causes of dark circles first if you're not sure what's causing them for you, but make sure to open it in a new tab so that you can come back after!

Now that you've learned about the causes of dark circles, keep reading to get an idea of treatment costs for dark circles caused by:

Poor Blood Circulation

Before we talk about treatments, keep in mind there are some things you can try at home first:

  • Getting enough sleep (~8 hours a night) could drastically improve your dark circles.

  • Test for any Iron & Vitamin deficiencies, and supplement if necessary.

There's one treatment that stands out when it comes to dark circles caused by poor blood circulation: Carboxytherapy. Have a look at how it works below.

This 5-minute procedure may look scary but it's totally painless and just involves injecting carbon dioxide (CO2) gas very superficially at the under-eye area. The CO2 gas stimulates improved blood flow, replacing the dark de-oxygenated blood with brighter oxygenated blood. This causes the blood vessels to be less visible under the skin, reducing dark circles.

Carboxytherapy for the dark circles is £100 per session and most people will need 1 or 2 sessions for results that last between 6-12 months.

Loss of Volume

Collagen, elastin, and fat pads are slowly lost as we age. This can lead to loss of volume under the eyes resulting in tear troughs, which can give the appearance of dark circles. There are two options when it comes to treating dark circles caused by loss of volume, and they are:

Tear-trough fillers | A close-up of a woman's eye before and after tear trough fillers.
Tear Trough Fillers

This is a non-surgical procedure that involves injecting filler into the tear trough. This evens out the under-eye area by filling the tear troughs and significantly reduces the appearance of dark circles.

You may have minor bruising for 24-48 hours, but the results are instant and will improve in the following weeks. You can expect results to last 12-18 months with a cost of around £350 for tear trough fillers.


This is a surgical procedure that involves repositioning fat to areas of lost volume in the under-eye area. The appearance of dark circles is significantly reduced as a result, as the fat is more evenly spread resulting in a "filling" of the tear trough.

Recovery time is around 10-14 days for most people, and you can expect results to last a few years with costs ranging from £2000-£6000 depending on your surgeon.

Excess Fat Pads

Blepharoplasty | A close-up of an eye with an excess fat pad under the eye.

We'd love to say that a good diet and exercise regime will get rid of excess fat pads, but unfortunately, that isn't the case. Excess fat pads under the eyes can cast shadows below them, which gives the appearance of dark circles. The options for treating excess fat pads are:


This is similar to blepharoplasty for loss of volume but involves the removal of fat rather than repositioning. The removal of excess fat gives an even surface to the under-eye area. This in turn reduces the appearance of dark circles as shadows will no longer be cast by uneven fat deposits.

Like before, costs will range from £2000-£6000.

Fat Dissolving Injections

You can have the excess fat pads dissolved with MesoSculpt C71 as a less invasive option. MesoSculpt C71 dissolves fat pads under the eyes when it is injected into them. This also gives an even surface to the under-eye area, reducing the appearance of dark circles.

Most individuals need a course of 2-3 sessions at £250 each, for a total cost of £500-£750.

Fluid Retention

Excess fluid retention can lead to puffy eyes, which in turn can cause dark circles. This is usually caused by insufficient water intake or excess sodium intake. Simply drinking more water and eating less salt can get rid of the puffiness in this case.

Poor lymphatic drainage can also be a cause of puffy eyes leading to dark circles, in which case some treatment may be necessary. This can be a gentle massage of the eye area, or:

Fluid Mobilisation

Fluid mobilisation is a mechanical massage that helps drain excess fluid from the eye area, great for an extra push when your body's lymphatic drainage is sluggish. You can have this treatment on a needs basis and you can expect each session to cost £40

Genetics/Peri-orbital discolouration

Dark circles | A close-up of eyes with dark eye bags due to excess pigmentation.

Dark circles can be caused by genetic factors and often requires a little more patience in treatment. It usually presents as a curved band of discoloured skin called periorbital discolouration. It can even be present on the upper eyelids.

You can treat this with:


A course of at least 5-10 weekly Carboxytherapy sessions could significantly reduce the appearance of these dark circles. At £100 per session, this will cost £500-£1000 before course reductions.

Some cases of periorbital discolouration can be more difficult to treat. These cases may need more sessions or the use of homecare creams such as:

  • EvenTone by Alumier which reduces the production of melanin, which is responsible for the pigmentation. Each bottle is £69.50 and lasts 3 months.

  • Intellibright by Alumier, which increases cell turnover to replace the pigmented skin cells. Each bottle is £63.50 and lasts 3 months.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser resurfacing can significantly reduce the appearance of periorbital discolouration. Usually this will be an optional extra alongside carboxytherapy, as the skin of the under-eye area is so thin that you can only have resurfacing once or twice.

You can expect each session to cost £50, for a total of £100.

Stress & Lack of Sleep

It's no surprise that a lack of sleep and high levels of stress are not good for you. They can, directly and indirectly, cause dark circles in similar ways to the majority of this list.

Finding techniques to help you relieve stress and sleep better is the number one priority. Do this before having any kind of treatment, as benefits from treatment can quickly be undone by stress and poor sleep.

So in summary you can expect to spend:

  • £100-£200 to treat dark circles caused by circulation.

  • £350+ for dark circles due to loss/excess of volume issues.

  • £500+ for dark circles due to periorbital discolouration.

Keep in mind that these numbers are estimates. You may need more or fewer treatments or a different treatment than you initially thought. Speak to a professional for an accurate assessment, as well as to have the best treatment recommended for your dark circles.

Hopefully, this has given you a good idea of what it could cost to treat your dark circles, but we know you may be looking for a more accurate quote tailored to you. Click the link below and fill out the form for a free assessment and treatment plan with Dr Hala.

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