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Lip Fillers – the Rise, Benefits, and Precautions

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Lip fillers are more popular than ever. With the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reporting 27,000 lip fillers being done in 2015 and a staggering 50% increase in lip augmentation procedures in 2016.

Here we dive into the societal rise of lip augmentation, the benefits, and what to look out for before going under the needle.

A Brief History

You may be surprised to know that lip augmentation has been around for a while – over 100 years to be a little more precise. However, we’ve come a long way from those antiquated methods to the modern-day lip filler.

Results are now superior, quicker, and longer lasting than ever before; but what caused this surge in advances? Many speculate that celebrity influence is almost entirely responsible for the increase in popularity. A whopping 70% increase in contacts regarding lip fillers was recorded back in May 2015 by various clinics, internationally. The reason? It is likely related to Kylie Jenner confirming that she had indeed undergone lip filler procedures to get her iconic new smile following intense media coverage.

But with lip fillers still in high demand, it’s clear that these procedures aren’t just a dying fad. Perhaps the benefits of lip augmentation can shine some light on why they remain so popular today.


There are several benefits to lip fillers, and in contrast to common belief it’s not always just a case of “getting bigger lips”. Here are just a few:

1. Bring balance to your natural features: In many cases of lip fillers, a significant proportion of the results can be attributed to balance. Subtle changes to the shape and volume of the lips can complement your other facial features, indirectly resulting in an overall improved appearance. Surprisingly, it’s not always about the lips!

2. Restore lost volume & shine: It’s common knowledge now that our skin can start to dull and fade as we age, but did you know that your lips are no different? You can quite literally reverse the signs of aging in your lips with lip fillers! With the use of the correct filler, it is possible to restore the volume and youthful appearance in your lips. Fillers rich in Hyaluronic Acid (HA) are a great choice for this. HA is such a powerful moisturiser that your lips will become smoother and richer in colour!

3. Keep your lips when you smile: For some of us, our lips can disappear when we smile. This isn’t exclusive to having small lips, however, it is more likely. Strategically placed lip filler can fill out your lips to avoid this happening, whilst still maintaining a natural look if desired.

4. Boost your confidence: A subtle change to your appearance can be all you need to improve your confidence. That’s why we believe that aesthetic treatments should be for you. After all, feeling better about yourself is linked to looking better too.

Things to Look Out For

As with most current aesthetic treatments, lip augmentation procedures are not without their inherent risks. These risks can vary from mild (e.g asymmetrical lips) to more severe (allergic reaction to the filler used). Either way, these are definitely risks that you want to avoid, so here’s a checklist we would recommend following when choosing a clinic for lip fillers:

1. Always have a consultation first: This is a number one rule for several reasons. Firstly, it’s important to set realistic expectations, you should know the details of the procedure before having it done, and avoid any unexpected surprises during /after the treatment! Secondly, you can get a professional’s recommendation and possibly find another treatment that suits you better; potentially saving you time & money for even better results. Lastly, this gives you an opportunity to ask several important questions. One sign of a good clinic is that no procedures will be performed without a proper consultation and medical history.

2. Do your research before visiting a clinic: A clinic’s online reputation is often a great marker of the quality of their service. Keep this in mind when choosing a clinic.

3. Ask the right questions: Will the procedure be performed by a doctor, if not will there be a doctor on site? Can I see some before & after photos of some of your clients? How many times has my clinician performed this procedure?

Alternatively, if you are not quite sure yet if you want to try lip fillers - you can always make your lips bigger with our Dr Hala Lip Plumper.

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