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What Can You Expect After ClearLift?

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

Knowing what to expect after treatment can make the whole experience much more comfortable for you. With some treatments this could be a week's downtime before you start to see results, and with others this can be no downtime at all with results showing quickly. In this article you'll learn what to expect after ClearLift; if there's any downtime or if you'll look any different immediately afterwards. This is a quick read, so let us know what you think in the comments below!

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What Can You Expect After ClearLift Laser?

ClearLift Laser is one of your treatments that doesn't come with downtime or skin irritation. The list is pretty short, but after ClearLift Laser you may experience:

  • Mild redness that may last a couple of hours.

  • Some small red spots that should fade within X hours.

While the list of side effects is small and mild, you'll even experience some immediate ClearLift benefits such as:

  • Slightly tighter and lifted skin.

  • Brighter skin with reduced hyperpigmentation or skin discolouration.

  • Smoother skin from the gentle exfoliation.

  • Slightly bleached hairs on the treated area.

Results such as tighter and lifted skin will improve over time, and even compound with further treatments over a few months. This is because one of the ways ClearLift works is by increasing collagen production, which reaches it's peak 3 months after treatment. This means that your skin is still improving a long time after your treatment!

And that's all there is to expect after ClearLift. It's a quick treatment with great benefits, and a tiny list of side effects and no downtime. Wondering if it's a good treatment option for you? Click the button below and fill out the form to book your free consultation with Dr Hala. After a skin analysis you'll find out exactly what treatments you need to get the results you want!

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