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How Long Does a ClearLift Laser Treatment Take?

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

How long does a ClearLift treatment take, and is it something that you can have quickly in your lunch break? In this quick read, you'll find out how long your ClearLift treatment will take, making it much easier to fit into your daily schedule. You might even find that you have enough time to fit it into your lunch break if you're at work!

How Long Does ClearLift Treatment Take?

ClearLift | A smiling woman holding an alarm clock

Your treatment time will depend on the number and size of the areas you'd like to treat, as you may expect. However, it is a relatively quick treatment. As a rule of thumb, you can expect a full-face treatment to take around 25 minutes, and a face and neck treatment to take around 40 minutes.

That means that you'll be in and out of the clinic in 45 minutes for a full face and neck treatment, so you should be able to fit a treatment into an hour's lunch break if you've got a busy day!

Your ClearLift laser is so quick, and so effective, that it really has earned its reputation as a lunch-break facelift. From lifting and plumping to skin tightening, there's a whole host of benefits from ClearLift packed into just a 25-40 minute treatment with absolutely no downtime. Want to know if ClearLift is the right treatment for you? Click the button below and fill out the form to book your free consultation with Dr Hala. You'll have a skin analysis and bespoke treatment plan made for your skin, and you can even go ahead immediately afterwards!

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