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How Often Should You Have a HydraFacial?

Updated: Mar 8

It's no secret that skin treatments need to be repeated for the best results and to make a real long-lasting change. It's a lot like going to the gym; you can make a significant change with an initial burst but it's the consistency afterwards that maintains your result, and your feeling better. When you're dedicated and consistent with your skincare journey it's only natural to wonder how often you should be having treatment.

HydraFacial | A woman washing her face with water.

How Often Should You Have a HydraFacial?

It's very difficult to answer this question exactly, even more so without an initial consultation. With that said you can have some guidelines to follow. Your answer often depends on a few factors, such as:

Where Your Skin Is Now Versus Where You'd Like it To Be

We've all got goals we want to achieve whether it's a dream car, a dream job, or a dream house. The beauty of these goals is that it's much easier to plan the journey when you have the end in mind, and it's no different with your skin. You can create a structured treatment plan when you and your aesthetician know what you want your skin to look like, and this could mean:

Skin Barrier
  • You have a HydraFacial once every 4 weeks, this is particularly common if you're struggling with dehydrated skin or dry skin. This is most common in summer as sun exposure can result in really dehydrated skin!

  • Starting with 2-3 HydraFacial treatments every 3-4 weeks to restore impaired skin barrier function, and then moving on to other treatments. Some conditions such as deep acne scarring or deep wrinkles may require more powerful treatments, but your skin might need a little help before starting them.

  • Not having a HydraFacial treatment at all. The HydraFacial may not be the best treatment for you, and your skin may already be ready to begin other treatments!

How Quickly You Want Your Result

The long and short of it is; if you want a faster result you need to be prepared to have treatments more frequently. If your skin is looking dull with a rough texture and breakouts due to dehydration but you need to look great for a wedding in 2 months, you'll likely need to have treatment every single week for those 2 months. For example; this could be weekly treatment alternating between HydraFacials and deep cleansing, as well as other treatments such as gentle peels.

What Your Main Concerns Are

Your main concerns can really dictate not only which treatment you have, but also how often you have treatment. After finding out if the HydraFacial is best for your concerns you'll want to know how frequently you'll need treatment:

HydraFacial | A picture showing the difference between acne and clear skin.
  • If your main concern is acne, for example, then your treatment frequency may be intensive initially such as every 2 weeks with homecare products carefully selected for your skin. When you begin to reign in and control the acne, however, you can start to pull back on the frequency of treatments while still staying ahead of the acne breakouts and maintaining your result.

  • If your main concern is re-hydrating dehydrated skin after spending long hours in the sun then you may only need 1 or 2 HydraFacials at least 4 weeks apart. You can then maintain your result with the right homecare products for your skin.

  • When it comes to managing Rosacea it largely depends on the condition's severity. Mild Rosacea can be significantly improved with monthly treatment, though you may benefit most from treatment every 2 weeks if your condition is more severe.

These are the main 3 factors that can determine just how often you should have your HydraFacial treatment, but just keep in mind that these are just guidelines. They are rough estimates to give you a good idea of what to expect from your treatment course, but of course, you'll know exactly what to expect after having had your initial consultation. Click the button below and fill out the form to book your free consultation and have a full treatment plan tailored specifically to your skin.

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