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What Could Go Wrong With ClearLift Laser?

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

What could go wrong with the ClearLift laser? If you're thinking about having ClearLift or even if you've had it, this thought is likely to have crossed your mind. So why not address it? You're not prepared unless you're prepared for the worst after all. So, here's exactly what could go wrong with ClearLift Laser.

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What Could Go Wrong With ClearLift Laser?

When it comes to things going wrong it can be pretty easy to overthink, especially if the list is a little scary. Luckily, however, the list of ClearLift's bad outcomes is not only very short, but also not very scary!

Redness and Swelling

You might have some redness after the ClearLift laser, and if you're exceptionally unlucky you might have a bit of swelling. This swelling is often so rare that only you will notice it but in some cases, it can be greater and noticeable, such as if you are treating moderate to severe hyperpigmentation.

While this is technically a "bad outcome" it's actually quite normal. If you think back to how ClearLift laser works to treat pigmentation; ClearLift laser breaks down melanin which is then destroyed and cleared by your immune system. This means that white blood cells will rush to the broken-down pigmentation to recycle it, which naturally causes some inflammation and minor swelling.

Lacking Results

Not quite getting the results you wanted is the worst bad outcome from ClearLift laser, as the list is quite tame for this treatment.

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Nevertheless, it's something you should consider. How many ClearLift laser treatments you need is recommended as a standard of what we see in the clinic, so it is as accurate as possible. With that said, everyone is unique in their response to ClearLift laser treatment. Two different people with the exact same symptoms may need a different number of ClearLift laser treatments to each other.

This is the nature of aesthetic treatments, but it doesn't mean you can't do anything about it. Staying in close contact with your ClearLift laser provider is a great way of staying on top of how many sessions you may need. This will help you to have a more accurate expectation of how many sessions you need, to help you keep your expectations in line with your results.

It's much like reaching a target at work; sometimes plans change and you need to spend more or less time than expected on a certain task to get to the target set.

ClearLift laser is a very safe treatment in terms of bad outcomes and side effects, and this list is all there is to it. Nevertheless, if you're not prepared for every outcome you're not really prepared!

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